YULA Girls High School is an Orthodox Yeshiva High School dedicated to cultivating an unwavering commitment to Halacha, Torah values, outstanding academic achievement and exemplary moral conduct.


A special emphasis on כלל ישראל ,מדינת ישראל ,חסד, תפילה, תלמוד תורה, שמירת המצות, יראת שמים.


A rigorous and well rounded academic plan, including College Prep., Honors, AP’s, בית מדרש, תנ”ך, תלמוד, Theater, STEAM, Athletics, Music, Arts, Clubs, Israel Education, Jewish History and more.


A supportive environment with full time social, college, academic, emotional, Israel, spiritual and school transition guidance and care.


A מקום קדוש that’s fun, inspiring, caring, loving, nurturing, warm and safe.

Faculty to Student Ratio
Attend First Choice College
Graduates Since 1979
Chessed Hours Yearly
Student Support Staff
Student Led Clubs
Honors, AP & Beit Midrash Courses
Competitive Sports Teams

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What Parents Are Saying...

I can not be happier for my daughter. At YULA Girls, the culture, philosophy, professionalism and high standards are beyond any other academy.

Ashkan Tabibnia, 9th Grade Parent

The level of education at YULA Girls is top notch and I am confident that our daughters are going to be well prepared for college and beyond...we are so privileged to be part of the YULA community.

Dr. Omid Shaye

As YULA Girls parents we are delighted that our daughter's high school experience will be at this level of excellence.

Dorit and Alan Teichman

Our daughter's connection to Israel and Torah is alive. Her discussions at home are authentic, deep, personal, and sincere. At YULA Girls she is given the opportunity to connect in her way, the way she is most comfortable.

10th Grade Parent

Our daughter has blossomed in the past year at YULA Girls. Her academic outlook has skyrocketed and her yearning for an authentic Jewish life as a young Jewish woman has gained tremendous momentum. YULA Girls is determined to provide a clear and exciting path for young Jewish women proud to make their mark in the world.

Romy Krassenstein

We have not only gotten the best secular education and the best Judaic Studies education, but YULA Girls has also brought out the best in our daughter. On the first day of school, our daughter walked into a blossoming and thriving community on campus where she truly felt at home. Friendships were easy to make as the culture of meaningful fun was always in the air. Her teachers were not only teachers, but became her role models as well.

Linda and Ory Schwartz

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