We are excited to share a series of Educational Philosophy videos, which highlight and illustrate various aspects of our school and the philosophies and thought processes behind them. Each highlighted area allows a glimpse into the unique experience YULA Girls provides and will shed insight on the desired outcomes and mission that direct our academics , co-curriculars, and leadership opportunities.

In these videos you will learn how YULA Girls approaches the education of the whole child and the guiding principles used to tailor the high school experience to each individual student . After viewing this six-part series you will have a clear understanding of the aligned ethos and philosophies guiding our school and the strategies implemented to build upon and achieve our collective goal of producing Bnot Torah who are empowered to live and engage in our modern world.

Avira / Atmosphere

Our Director of Admissions, Samira Miller describes, “The strong and warm relationships forged among peers and between students and faculty, is what YULA Girls is all about.”


Our Director of General Studies, Yehudis Benhamou highlights and explores our academic program and the guiding principles of our curriculum at YULA Girls.

Religious Inspiration

Our Director of Judaic Studies, Racheli Luftglass highlights and explores our unique approach to Religious Inspiration and how we seek to inspire each individual student over their four years.


Our Associate Principal, Dr. Natalie Williams highlights and explores our distinctive approach to Leadership and how YULA Girls is creating the future leaders of Klal Yisrael .

Israel Education

Our Director of Israel Education, Rabbi Dr. Menachem Hecht describes our three-pronged approach to Israel Education and Advocacy and how YULA Girls creates and strengthens our students connection to Medinat Yisrael as well as develops lifelong Israel advocates.


Our Director of STEAM Education, Mr. Ethan Piliavin describes the goal and purpose of our STEAM program at YULA Girls. By supporting and encouraging our students to embrace and develop their creative passions, we are actively preparing them for their future. Our STEAM program housed in our Schlesinger Innovation STEAM Lab provides our students with the tools and opportunities to learn, tinker, dream, experiment, and grow.