Dr . Leila Leah Bronner z”l Women’s Midrasha

  • Environment for girls and women of the community to come together and learn לשמה
  • Learn B’chavruta with your mother, sister, friend, or teacher
  • Learn B’chabura and create a kesher with our teachers as they inspire Jewish values and teach ancient texts
  • Empower our students to be independent and passionate learners
  • Concretize their intellectual pursuits within תלמוד תורה
  • Experienced learners join novice learners of all levels and ages under the umbrella of והגית בו יומם ולילה

Derachim Program

  • Following the maxim ofחנוךלנער על-פי דרכו (“educate each child according to his [her] path”) espoused by Shlomo HaMelech, each semester students opt in to one of 13 Derachim class options, because no two students connect in a meaningful way to exactly the same style of learning
  • Choices range from the more text based to courses demanding great self-introspection
  • Students learn, in seminar format, with a teacher-mentor of their choosing, specific disciplines within Limudei Kodesh that are meaningful to them to impact and continue to forge their personal spiritual growth
  • Fostering an atmosphere of relationship-building and serious religious study לשמה
  • Class choices: Essentials of Life, Complex Episodes in Tanach, The Goal is Soul, The Great Jewish Philosophers, Introduction to Midrash, Jewish Mysticism, Biblical Infertility and Modern Science, Practical Jewish Medical Ethics, Torah n’ Psychology, Talmudic Aggadot, Sefardi Studies, SOULCycle: A Middos Workout, Jewish Thought, Parshat HaShavua, Megillot, Ethical Dilemmas Throughout Jewish History