Our school community recognizes that YULA Girls would be drastically different if even one student was missing from our family and we therefore see BEITEINU (“Our Home”) as a communal initiative and responsibility. Together we hope to raise enough money to make it possible for each current and future YULA Girls student to have access to all that YULA Girls has to offer.

With a dedicated faculty of educators, role models and mentors, YULA Girls provides its students with an unparalleled education in an incomparable environment. When a student walks the halls of YULA Girls she is met with warmth, love and support – both from her peers and her teachers – instilling a sense of comfort, safety and community within each student.

YULA Girls is home to opportunity, innovation and passion.
YULA Girls is home to our students and the future leaders of Klal Yisrael.
YULA Girls is home to us and to YOU

In order to ensure that each girl has a place in our YULA Girls home we need help from our extended family. 60% of our current student body is receiving BEITEINU Education Funds. YULA Girls awarded 1.8 million dollars of BEITEINU Education funding this year in order to keep our family together and our home complete. It is thanks to the Tzedakah and generosity of our parent body, alumni network and extended community that we are able to make this possible.

As a valued member of our community we ask for your help in accomplishing our goal. By donating your funds to BEITEINU, you will be investing in the future of YULA Girls students, ensuring that every young woman in Los Angeles has the opportunity to be nurtured, challenged and supported in our school. We thank you in advance for your support and look forward to welcoming the daughters of our community into our collective home, BEITEINU: YULA Girls High School.

BEITEINU Education Fund

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