Mechanechet Program

YULA Girls Mechanechet or Advisory Program is an opportunity for students to build meaningful relationships with their female Judaic Studies faculty on and off campus. Meetings with Mechanchot take place in small groups, grade-wide and individual settings. These meetings facilitate open discussions about religious growth, future aspirations, and contributing to the global Jewish community.

Derachim Program

No two students connect in a meaningful way to exactly the same style of learning, and so, following the maxim of חנוך לנער על פי דרכו  espoused by Shlomo HaMelech, each semester, students opt in to one of 13 Derachim classes. Choices range from text based to courses to classes demanding great self-introspection and collaborative discussion. In these open-ended, non-structured classes, students learn with a teacher-mentor of their choosing, covering topics within Limudei Kodesh that are meaningful to them, which  impact and continue to forge their personal spiritual growth.